Osho - being is eternally happy

[A sannyasin says she has been feeling so full and so empty at the same time.]

Osho – That is precisely what happens – fullness and happiness come together. If they don’t come together, then something has gone wrong. You are empty of yourself and full of the beyond. Something disappears leaving a space, and immediately something else enters and fills it.

Nothing can remain empty. If there is real emptiness, there will be fullness immediately, not even a single moment is lost. If one feels empty and not full, then something is wrong – that emptiness is not true. Deep down somewhere the ego is still hiding. So the emptiness is not true… the temple is not really empty. Maybe it looks empty, but the ego, the desire, the hope, is hiding somewhere. You will feel very very negative, sad, morose, depressed. That type of emptiness will look like hell, and one would like to escape from it, because it is false.

Hell is the greatest untruth there is. It does not exist and that is the misery of it. A real emptiness is always full, because when the ego disappears, your being flowers The ego is blocking the flowering of the being. It cannot flower unless the ego disappears. Even for a single moment if the ego is not there, the flower starts blooming, and you can feel the fragrance. That fragrance is happiness.

It is nothing that you can attain. When you are not, it is there. Happiness is a simple shadow of the being; unhappiness a shadow of the ego. The ego remains eternally unhappy, and the being is eternally happy. The being cannot be unhappy – that is not its nature. The ego cannot be happy – that is not its nature.

The whole human dilemma is that we go on trying to make our ego happy, and that is not possible. The more we fail, the more unhappy we become. And of course when we feel too unhappy, we try too hard to become happy. And this goes on in a vicious circle.

Source – Osho Book “Nothing to Lose But Your Head”

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