Question – Beloved Master, What is the role of the commune as it is now, regarding therapy and meditation as offered in the university; and vice versa? And what is your vision of both their growth processes?

Osho – The function of the commune is to create an atmosphere of encouragement — that you are not alone. The path that you have to travel, you have to travel alone; but if you know that so many people are traveling alone on the path, it gives tremendous encouragement. There is no fear: “If these people can manage, I can manage also.”

The commune is not a religion, following collectively on a super-highway. The commune belongs to individuals who have joined hands with each other because they are going on an inner journey where they will be alone. But with so many people going on that inner journey alone the fear of being alone is dropped. You can share your experiences with each other; perhaps sharing your experiences with each other will help immensely. That’s why therapies exist where people can open their heart and share their experiences.

But the commune experience is a therapeutic experience — day in, day out. My vision of a commune is of absolutely individual meditators living together, helping each other: “Don’t be afraid, it is tremendously exciting to go in. Although you are going alone, you are not the only one who is going alone. One million sannyasins are going alone.”

It is a very strange phenomenon: living together, yet exploring the truth in absolute aloneness. And whatever you find, you can share. It will be respected, it will be accepted. And everybody is to have different kinds of experiences on the way, until the person reaches to the ultimate omega point. That omega point is exactly the same for everyone. But on the way there are so many beauties, so much splendor.

You just need a little courage, and the commune provides you the courage. And I am here to encourage you to take the jump. You have nothing to lose, and you have the whole universe to gain.

Source – Osho Book “From Bondage to Freedom”

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