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Osho in Young days

Osho – Bliss is a rebellion and also a victory. It is a rebellion against the stupid society in which we are brought up, against the dull and dead tradition that has been imposed upon us. All kinds of ideologies, philosophies, theologies, have been forced on every person. One has to rebel against all that because those are the things which are keeping you tethered to your misery. Unless you uproot all that has been imposed on you by others, you will never be blissful.

The society lives in misery and this society goes on conditioning every child. The parents are miserable, the teachers are miserable, the neighbours are miserable, the priests are miserable; the politicians are miserable — and they are all together, imposing what is right, what is wrong, what you have to do and what you haven’t to do. And of course they create just replicas of themselves. They create every child in their own image — and they are miserable people. So many miserable people working hard on a small child are bound to destroy all his intrinsic blissfulness. Bliss is intrinsic and natural but it can be destroyed, at least it can be covered with rubbish; you can be made to forget all about it. And that’s what they have done.

A rebellion is needed. And unless one is ready to rebel, one cannot be a sannyasin. Rebel against all that creates misery in you and you will be surprised to know that you will have to rebel agalnst the whole mind that up to now you thought was yours; it is your enemy, not your friend.

And if one is ready to rebel against the mind, bliss explodes and brings victory. The only victory which can be really called victory is not the victory over somebody else but the victory over your own innermost self, the victory which makes you capable of entering into the kingdom of god.

The most important thing in life is to discover your truth. Certainly it is there becauso we are alive, we are conscious. We have to dig into our consciousness, we have to go to the very source of it, to the very rock-bottom. And once you have found it, you have found your truth. Once you know who you are — that’s what I mean by your truth’ — you are liberated. You will live in the same way, nothing on the outside will change, but still you will be a totally different person. In one sense everything will be the same, in another sense nothing will be the same any more, because now you will have a perspective which is timeless, deathless. Now you know that you were before birth and you will be after death. Now that you have seen your original face you are freed from all small things — life’s failures and successes, richness and poverty,
small pains and pleasures. They all look so small, so insignificant, that one can remain absolutely centred in every kind of situation. Nothing makes you waver, your groundedness is so solid, your centredness is so absolute.

This centredness is the goal of sannyas. This groundedness, this integrity, this unwavering state of consciousness which remains untouched by everything, this is the goal of sannyas. And once this is discovered there is nothing more to discover. Then one can livo the ordinary life with an extraordinary beauty, with an extraordinary bliss, with grace, with god within one’s heart.

Source – Osho Book ‘Is the Grass Really Greener…?”

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