Osho on Truth and Lies

Osho – Man lives in lies. He believes they are the only truth. And once you believe in a certain lie you make it a truth. But it is an invented truth, and it cannot liberate you and it cannot help you to know god — because truth is another name for god.

People are Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans — these are all borrowed ideas, and truth cannot be borrowed. The only thing in life which cannot be borrowed is truth. It is so delicate, it is so subtle, that the moment it is given from one person to another it dies in the communication. It never reaches the other, what reaches us a lie.

Truth is an experience, The man who has known can speak about it, and the man who has not known can remember those words but those words will be empty words for the man who has not known. How can they be full of meaning? — meaning comes from experience. So for people, “good”, “love”, “truth”, “freedom” are all beautiful words; they use them and they believe that they know what they are saying. They know nothing. Only very few people have known; millions only believe and believing is not knowing. Knowing is totally different from believing.

In fact, the first step towards knowing is dropping of all beliefs. Unless you become unconditioned you cannot know what actually is, because your belief will cover your eyes, it will colour everything. The Christian looks in a Christian way and the Hindu in a Hindu way. And the truth is neither Christian nor Hindu, the truth is simply truth, Both have coloured glasses. Just as you have nut down your glasses, in exactly the same way all beliefs have to be put down. Then you face the truth as it is. And to know truth is to know god, there is no other god.

Source – Osho Book “Just the Tip”

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