Osho on Truth and Experience

Osho – Knowledge comes from the outside, wisdom comes from within, hence knowledge is of no use. It creates bondage for you because it is borrowed. And truth can never be borrowed. The moment you borrow a truth it becomes a lie. The truth to remain true has to be your own experience.

The Buddha has his truth, Jesus has his truth; Christians and Buddhists are simply living with borrowed knowledge. Hence after two thousand years of Christianity not a single Christ has come. Two thousand years of imitation and not a single Christ has been created. And the same is true about the other religions: not a single Buddha has happened in twenty-five centuries, not a single Krishna has happened in five thousand years. And the reason is simple; people are simply creating a bondage by accumulating knowledge from the outside.

A Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Mohammedan — these are all slaves, slaves of words, knowing nothing of truth. Truth is hidden inside you, it is the kingdom of the within, and you have to go in to look for it — not in the Bible, not in the Koran, not in the Vedas, but within you. And all that I teach is a simple process of going in. It is so simple that people think it is very difficult.

The obvious always seems difficult. It is just a question of closing your eyes and not doing anything; relaxing, resting. Yes, in the beginning the mind creates havoc, but don’t pay any attention to it. It cannot disturb you. Let it fool around. It will do all kinds of gymnastics to attract attention. Just rest, utterly indifferent; it doesn’t matter. You can tell the mind “You go on doing your thing and I am going to do my thing.” If one can just go on remaining indifferent to the mind slowly slowly it becomes so bored with its own work that it commits suicide. When there is nobody to pay it attention it dies of starvation. And one day suddenly you find that the buffoon is not there! You look all around and it is all silence.

In that silence wisdom is found, in that silence you start having a great insight into things. And then whatsoever you do is right, because wisdom liberates and makes you capable of seeing what is right and what is wrong. And once you know on your own what is right you cannot go against it. Then an inner discipline arises. And that’s what sannyas is, an inner discipline.

I don’t give you any discipline, because that would be an imposition. I certainly help you to find your own wisdom and then you have to live in that light accordingly. I am not here to make you a slave. My whole longing is to help as many people as possible to be liberated from all bondage.

Source: Osho Book “I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am”

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