Osho on inner exploration

Osho – The inner exploration is such that one can never have enough. The more you have, the more you will have the feeling that you don’t have anything the more you have it, the more your thirst grows. It is a non-ending journey – and it is good that it is non-ending. It is good that you cannot have enough of god, otherwise you will be finished with it. You cannot have enough of bliss and enough of peace and enough of serenity, because if you have enough of it you will be bored with it. So it is always so – that the more you get, the more you start feeling thirsty. And it is good. God is a non-ending journey. You are always coming but never arriving.

So remember it: the very idea to have enough is of the mind. The mind is always greedy. It is always thinking in terms of having more than is needed – then one feels secure. But of god you cannot have more than is needed. It will always be less than you need, so the need continues and you are never bored, you are never finished with it. One starts the journey but one never ends it.

The mind becomes greedy – and there is nothing wrong in it; in the beginning it is natural. When you feel that something is very satisfying, you want more of it. But just think, if you really have more of it, what will you do? You will be finished with it.  I am going to give you more… but much more thirst also!

source – osho book “dance your way to god”

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