Osho on conscious search for truth

Osho – Even priests are not interested in god. The very word “god” does not create anything in your heart, it does not ring any bells; it is something arbitrary, artificial. But bliss is natural — even trees are searching for it in their own way.

In African jungles the trees grow so high — why? The same trees don’t grow so high in India or anywhere else. In African jungles they have to grow high because they want to have sunlight and the jungles are so thick that if they don’t grow high they will not have any meeting with the stars and the moon and the sun. And that is their bliss, their joys to dance in the wind with the clouds.

Scientists are puzzled about a strange fact, that somehow trees sense, where, in what direction to send the roots. For example, if at its right side, five hundred yards away, there is a pipeline of which the tree cannot in any way be aware, it’s roots will start moving towards the pipeline; its roots won’t move in any other direction. It has some subtle sense, as if it knows instinctively where the water is.

Animals are searching for bliss in their own way, man is searching in his own way. The theists, the atheists, the believers, the non-believers — all are seeking bliss. Hence I say bliss is the ultimate truth. If you love the word “god” you can call it god, if you love the word “nirvana” you can call it nirvana, but “satyam”, the ultimate truth, is the most beautiful word.

The ultimate truth is the centre of existence, it is bliss, and everybody is moving towards it. Those who are intelligent move consciously so that they can avoid unnecessary things, unnecessary by-paths, cul-de-sacs, so they are not worried about non-essentials; they move directly. Those who are not so intelligent, not so conscious, go zigzag; they take a long time, millions of lives even.

To be a sannyasin means a deliberate, conscious search for truth, for bliss, for god. It is a commitment, an involvement, a conscious decision that ‘from this moment my life will be devoted to that which can fulfil it, which can make me contented.’

Source – Osho Book “The Miracle”

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