Osho - Mind belongs to the marketplace

Osho – Meditation is the door to the divine. To live in the mind is to live in the mundane. Mind belongs to the marketplace; in fact it is prepared for the market-place — for competition, for ego trips, for politics, for money, power, prestige. From the kindergarten, school to the university we create the mind so that a man can succeed in the world.

Mind is basically mundane — that’s its purpose. It has no divine quality in it. And there are fools who go on reading the scriptures and they think they are doing some divine work. You read the scripture through the mind, you understand the scripture through the mind. And there are fools who go on praying to god and whatsoever they are praying for is nothing but the desires of their mind. They are asking for some desires to be fulfilled.

Neither the scriptures nor the prayers are divine. The only divine phenomenon is when you fall into utter silence, when the mind stops functioning, when the mind ceases and you are no longer with any thought, any memory, any fantasy, any desire. When there is not even a ripple of any kind in you — when you are simply a no-mind — you experience for the first time what god is, you experience godliness. That is the world of the sacred.

So move from the mind to meditation. There is no other proof for god, the only proof is your own experience. There is no argument which can prove or disprove god, but one can experience. But the experience remains individual. Those who have known, they have known, and others only go on believing. Beliefs belong to the mind, experience belongs to meditation — and these are worlds apart. The sannyasin should remember again and again that he has to pull himself out of his mental traps, he has to bring all his energies out of the mind, he has to stop cooperating with the mind and enter into silence, thoughtlessness. And then the kingdom of god is yours!

The mind functions as a wall it separates you from the whole, it is a divorce from the whole. And of course, the whole is not at a loss, we are at a loss. We could have been oceanic and we remain just small drops of water. We could have been as vast as the universe and we become confined to a small body-mind structure, it is imprisonment.

Mind basically is ego. To get out of the mind means to get in tune with the whole. Attunement or at-onement — that’s yoga. It is a marriage with the whole, melting and merging, disappearing as a separate entity and becoming one with the whole.

The mind is a wall, meditation is a bridge. The mind disconnects, meditation reconnects. And once you are one with the whole that means you are one with the trees and the mountains and the rivers and the stars and the sun and the moon. Then this infinity is yours and all its joys are yours. Life starts having freedom for the first time because all limitations disappear — and that is the ultimate desire of the human heart. We are searching continuously for the union, knowingly or unknowingly. We want to merge with the whole, because only with the whole does life come to its ultimate peak. Ecstasy attains its Everest.

Source – Osho Book “The Old Pond Plop”

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