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Osho – Truth is beyond structure. It comes only when you are in an unstructured state of consciousness. It comes only when there is no expectation for it, not even preparation for it, because all preparation is expectation. Truth comes unawares, truth comes as a surprise. You cannot manage and manufacture it; it comes when it comes.

There is no way to truth. This is one of the most fundamental things to understand, that there are no ways to truth. All ways lead astray, because having a way means that you have already decided what truth is. You have decided the direction, the dimension, you have decided how to approach it, what discipline to follow, what doctrine to adopt. Wherever you reach will just be a projection of your own mind. Not that you will not reach anywhere; you will reach somewhere, but that will be just your own mind playing a game with itself. There is no way to truth, because the mind is the barrier and it is the mind that creates the ways. The mind has to go. The mind has to cease for truth to be. The mind is structure.

Truth is not a discipline either, because truth is freedom. Truth is a bird on the wing, not a bird in the cage. The cage may be of gold, may be studded with diamonds, but a cage is a cage and it cannot contain freedom. Truth can never become a prisoner, its intrinsic quality is freedom, so only those who are capable of being free attain to it.

People go on changing their slaveries — from one slavery to another slavery, from one prison to another prison. The moment they are out of one they get into another. They don’t lose even a single moment; one chain broken and they have already prepared another. So one goes on from one discipline to another, one school to another, one method to another. That is just postponing, this is not the way to truth. One has to understand that there is no way to become worthy of truth; that one has to be utterly humble, unworthy, that one has to know: ‘On my own nothing is possible.’ In that helplessness, in that utter hopelessness when the mind knows no movement and everything has stopped, truth comes.

Jesus has said ‘Truth liberates’, because truth is liberation; it is freedom and it frees you. But the people who discipline themselves are the prisoners and they themselves are their prison. Immorality creates one kind of prison, morality creates another kind. There are secular prisons and there are religious prisons, but prisons all the same. Truth comes to a consciousness which is neither moral nor immoral, which is neither good nor bad, which is neither religious nor irreligious… a consciousness which has no prejudice, no ideology, no doctrine. In that utter silence when ideologies have disappeared, disciplines have been dropped, methods are no more meaningful, truth comes.

Man cannot reach truth, he can only wait for truth to come. So don’t be a seeker; that is my message in your name. Seekers never find. If you want to find, drop seeking. Just be, enjoy being. Don’t hanker for any goal, spiritual or otherwise; forget about the future. Live the moment as totally as possible, as joyously as possible, and wait. Let this word ‘wait’ become your prayer. Keep it in your consciousness that one has to learn waiting, patience, infinite patience, and then one day the benediction! It comes suddenly, it comes without warning. One moment it is not there and another moment it is there and you are transformed. It is not something that you can grab. The seeker is a grabber, the seeker is greedy; so I say ‘Seek not and find.’

Source – Osho Book “The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun”

One thought on “Osho – Truth comes to a consciousness which is neither moral nor immoral”
  1. “seek not and find” ? isnt that a contradiction what jesus said? “seek u will find” i cant understand … everybody contradicts everybody even if they agree on some things.. and what is being? how can you be wihtout any goal and if you have a goal how can you not seek? Osho says God must be our goal then how can we not seek him? or how can we not seek truth?

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