Osho – I was in a big city. Some young men came there to meet me. They started asking: “Do you believe in God?” I said: “No. What relation is there between belief and God? I know God.”

Then I told them a story: There was a revolution in some country. The revolutionaries of that place were busy in changing everything. They were determined to destroy religion also. In the same context an old beggar was arrested and brought to the Court.

They asked that beggar: “Why do you believe in God?” That beggar said: “No gentlemen, I do not believe. But God is there. What should I do now?”

They asked: “How do you know that He exists?” That old man said: “After opening my eyes ever since I began seeing I have seen none except Him”.

That beggar’s replies served as ghee to the fire. Those revolutionaries became very angry and said: “Very soon we will kill all your monks and nuns. What then?”
That old man laughed and said: “As God may wish! ”

‘But we have decided to destroy all signs of religion. We will not leave any sign of God in the world.”
That old man said: “My son, this is a very difficult job that you have selected. But as the God may will! How will you destroy all signs? Whatever remains will announce His existence. At least you will be there, and you will announce His existence. It is impossible to eliminate God, because God is all-pervading.”

All these misunderstandings cropped up because God was compared to a man. God is not a person. He is what He is. And the thought of believing in God has also created a lot of misunderstanding.

What is the meaning of believing in light? That can be seen only when the eyes open. Belief is a supporter of ignorance and ignorance is a sin. Not the blind faith, with eyes tied under cloth, but the discrimination with eyes fully open can take a man upto the truth. Truth is God. There is no other God except the truth.

Source – Osho Book “The Earthen Lamps”

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