osho on mind and search

Osho – Mind is incapable of knowing the truth. It can gather all kinds of information about truth, but to know about truth is not to know truth. To know about love is not to know love. To know love one needs to be a lover. No information can be of any help; one has to go into the experience itself.

And the same is true about truth. You can know all the great philosophers of the world, you can accumulate great words, theories, hypotheses and you can come to certain arbitrary conclusions of your own. But remember, they are arbitrary because they are not rooted in your experience. So whatsoever you know will really hinder your search. That is the greatest danger in knowledge: it can give you a false notion that you know. And once that wrong idea enters in you that “I know,” then the inquiry stops.

One has to know that one knows not. One has to put aside all information for and against, theistic, atheistic, Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, religious, philosophical.

One has to put aside every kind of knowledge — knowledge as such. Then the inquiry begins. Then one becomes a true seeker of truth because then one is open. Out of that state of not-knowing, one day the great blessing happens that one comes to experience truth, to live it; one becomes it.

That is the state called enlightenment, nirvana. In the West they have called it the state of Christ-consciousness, in the East we have called it the state of Buddha-consciousness, but it is the same. By becoming a sannyasin you are taking a jump from mind to no-mind, from knowledge to innocence. And once innocence is there everything else follows.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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