Question – Osho, here with you is the deepest, most growing place for me to be and i dislike much of what i see here — dead rajneeshianity rising like an ikon, licentiousness not freedom emerging, arrogance and aggressiveness the rule, humility and caring the exception. Opening to the awareness that these are my qualities, projected, returns me to a deep appreciation in being here. thank you.

Osho – This is from Amitabh. I can only say, “Thank you, Amitabh.” If you can understand that it is your own mind projecting things, nothing need be said. You have understood the right thing.

Always remember, the whole world acts like a screen, and you go on projecting yourself. Whatsoever you say about others, says more about you. It does not say anything about others; because how can you know others? — you don’t even know yourself.

If this awareness has come to you, that this is your own projection — beautiful. Keep it; hold it fast so it does not slip away. And not only about this ashram: about the whole world. Always remember, that you go on seeing your own face. The world acts like a mirror.

And that should never be your worry — how the world is — because nothing can be done about that. All that can be done has to be done by you, with you, upon yourself. Once you change, your projections will disappear. Once YOU change, the world will remain the same, but it will not be the same at all.

Because you are your world. It comes out of you, and spreads outwards. Always remember, whenever you see something in somebody, first look within: the other may have functioned as a mirror. And try to change your inner being. It has always happened that when you become silent the whole world becomes silent; when you become loving the whole world becomes loving. It reflects you, it echoes you; it is you, magnified a million-fold. But it is you: you are your world; there is no other world. This is the meaning of the Hindu concept, MAYA — illusion.

The whole world is illusory because it is just your projection. once your projections disappear, then suddenly you become aware that world has disappeared, and another world has arisen, the real. When you don’t have anything to project then the real arises, that which is. Call it God, call it truth, or whatsoever you like; but the only way to know that truth, is to become aware of your projections. And in awareness they start dropping by and by.

The day is not far off when projections will disappear, if you can remain aware. Awareness is a tremendous fire: it burns all, root and all. It burns the very seeds. And only then, the truth is realized.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 3″

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