Watch a dead person — every person looks beautiful, silent. Not that he died in silence, not that he died beautifully — rarely does a person die beautifully. Ninety-nine percent of people struggle very badly — fight, great stress arises.

Just think! — a small ant crawling on your body, a small thorn in your foot, and how uncomfortable you become. A small headache, stomach a little disturbed, and how much you become concerned. Just think! — the body and soul are being taken apart. With the body you have become so involved; you have completely forgotten that you are a soul — and you are being taken apart. You cling. You leave your claim with great difficulty, very reluctantly — fighting, struggling, crying. But nobody can see it; it is something inside you — only you can see it. You cannot even say anything.

You die in misery. Only a few people die blissfully. And when death becomes a bliss, it is a samadhi. When death is a relaxation…real relaxation. Deep inside you surrender, you welcome. You have known life, now you want to know death also.

You have lived life, you have enjoyed it. A great trust has arisen in you about life — and you know death is the culmination of life, the crescendo. It must be beautiful! When the whole journey has been beautiful, why not the goal? There is no reason to be afraid. When the whole journey has been such a tremendous joy, why not the end? It is the culmination. You have come home. You welcome, you are ready to embrace death. You relax, you simply slip into death.

And that’s the moment! If you can die without any fight, you don’t die — and you are never born again. You have simply slipped out of the body confinements — of the world. You live! — you live eternally. But then you live as an unembodied existence, with no limitations, with no boundaries.

Body gives you a boundary. Death takes away all boundaries from you. Body gives you a definition, makes you a man or a woman, makes you ugly or beautiful, makes you intelligent or unintelligent, makes you this and that — body gives you definition. Death takes all definitions away. It simply leaves life undefined. Life undefined is what God is. But to know this death you will have to know life well.

So if you can accept my suggestion: next time when a beautiful moment passes by, think in terms of life — “What a beautiful moment to live and dance and be alive!” Then one day when death comes, you will say the same to death: “What a beautiful moment to die!”

All moments are beautiful, only you have to be receptive and surrendering. All moments are blessings, only you have to be capable of seeing. All moments are benedictions. If you accept with a deep gratitude, nothing ever goes wrong.

Source – Osho Book “A Sudden Clash of Thunder”

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