Osho – Everything is really nonsense, toys to play with. When you are immature those toys are good, teddy bears. But when you become a little mature, a little understanding arises and you simply start feeling what nonsense you have been doing up to now.

When you are here with me, your understanding starts moving with me a little higher than it is ordinarily. With me it starts flying into the sky, so you look downwards and everything seems nonsense. The altitude changes. Back in your room again, those things will start seeming sensible.

So try to understand something while you are here – that it is a question of your altitude. If you are a little higher, then in the valley things seem to be just meaningless, nothing to be disturbed about. They don’t belong to you, you don’t belong to them. They are just irrelevant.

Back again in the valley, you have to remember what happened on the peak. Then only, you grow. Otherwise, again and again you are with me and again and again a vision arises and you don’t use it. Back home you again become the same; you fall victim to your old patterns. Then it is not going to help. It is going to be only a momentary glimpse. These glimpses should become the very base of your being. So while you are here with me, whatsoever happens, whatsoever you start feeling, carry it while you are not with me. Carry it there, take care of it so that it is not lost.

When you come to me be very alert about what happens here, because a darshan is not a conversation. It is not even a dialogue. It is a subtle transfer of energy, a subtle communication. In a subtle way I try to enter you. I knock at your door. There are moments when it becomes possible and you open your door and suddenly in that light, in that new breeze passing through you, you can see what things are meaningful and what things are meaningless,, what is essential and what is non-essential. When you go from here, carry that insight, treasure it, protect it, remember it.

Then wherever you are you will be with me, because if the insight is with you, then you are with me. And whenever you are again getting lost in old habits, jerk your being, shake yourself out of it and just remember that it is meaningless, it is irrelevant. And suddenly you will see it is irrelevant, it is meaningless.

Source – Osho Book “Dance Your Way to God”

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