Osho – Be courageous and drop all this nonsense. There is no hell and there is no heaven; you create your heaven and you create your hell. There is nobody anywhere to punish you or reward you. Forget those childish ideas of God — that if you are good Daddy will come with toys, and if you are bad then you will have to miss your lunch or your dinner and you will be locked into the bathroom or something will happen. There is nobody. You are free.

But I am not saying that you cannot create hell for yourself — you can. The fundamental has to be understood; whether you want to create heaven or hell, the fundamental is the same.

Love, enjoy, celebrate, and you will be creating heaven — because whatsoever you are, if you are happy, if you are joyous, you share your happiness and your joy. You can share only that which you are — and when you share it, it rebounds on you. That is the law. Life reflects and echoes whatsoever you throw at life — it comes back, a thousandfold it comes back. Smile, and the whole existence smiles at you. Shout and abuse, and the whole existence shouts and abuses you. And you are the root cause; you create the whole process.

It is not that the existence is interested in shouting and abusing you. The existence is neutral; it simply reflects, it is a mirror. You make an ugly face, and you see an ugly face in the mirror. And you smile, and the mirror smiles.

And remember, the rewards and punishments don’t come from the outside; you create them. You are the occasion for them, you are the soil. You are free — but by freedom I don’t mean that you are irresponsible. In fact, in freedom you become utterly responsible — because you are responsible for yourself; nobody else is.

No god is responsible for you, you are responsible. If you are miserable, remember, you must be creating it. Find out how. And you will find the reasons — try to search for the reasons and you will find them. If you are happy, then too, look within for why you are happy. And go on creating those situations more and more: you will become more and more happy.

Source – Osho Book “The Revolution”

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