Osho - You have great expectations about yourself

[A sannyasin says: I’m afraid of going crazy… Then I get uptight inside… I can’t relax and I can’t find any peace. Osho checks her energy.]

Osho – No, nothing is the problem. You can relax easily but you do not, mm? Just drop the idea that you are holding; you are not holding or anything, just the idea is there. You have great expectations about yourself, that you should relax so much and you should do this and that, and that let-go should be total. don’t ask inhuman things. You are perfectly good; it is just that you have a great idea that that has to happen and then you start feeling, ’I must be holding back, because it is not happening!’

Forget about all these things, these are all ideas. Let-go is also an idea, totality is also an idea. Forget all about these. Just be natural, whatsoever you are. Enjoy small things. Laugh and cry and weep and dance, and sometimes go crazy too because that too is part of life. In fact, if craziness is accepted as part of life then there will be no more crazy people. The crazy people only exist because people are not allowed to be crazy at all. So it is a simple division of labour. A certain amount of craziness is a must in the world, otherwise the world will not run; it will stop, it will be stuck. So a few people have chosen to remain sane, whatsoever happens and a few people have to go crazy because of these people.

You will be surprised: if a family is very sane then one person will have to become crazy. Now psychologists have stumbled upon the fact that the person who goes crazy is simply carrying the burden of the whole family. The whole family has dumped its craziness on this poor fellow, he is a victim. The mother cannot be crazy, the father cannot be crazy, the brother cannot be crazy; nobody can be crazy. Then somebody has to take that craziness. Everybody is trying to be sane and this poor fellow is vulnerable: all the crazinesses that others have left have been dumped upon him, he is suffering from all their craziness. If everybody were a little bit crazy once in a while this person would not be crazy at all. People in the madhouses are victims, victims of those people who think they are sane. We have forced them to be crazy. They are carrying our crosses and we are enjoying at their cost.

Always keep it in mind that once in a while a little bit of craziness is just beautiful. It gives salt to your life, a little taste, a flavour. And in twenty-four hours one should go crazy at least once. Then nobody will be crazy in the world, craziness will be spread; there will be no concentration of it. So you need not be worried. If craziness happens, just go crazy. For one hour every day, it is perfectly healthy to be crazy. That’s what I mean when I say, ’Do Dynamic meditation!’ I have just given it a good name, that’s all, because people will not like ’Go crazy for one hour’; I say ’Dynamic meditation’,’Kundalini’, but it is all craziness! But it helps sanity; it brings health, it brings wholeness.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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