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question: could you specify a bit more how is the process to go up and up and up ?

swami rajneesh:
up and up and up and up !!!!
let go…let go totally
just let go and see where the energy takes you
do not desire… higher and higher

it will pull you higher and higher…
just sit…be silent
gather a pool of stillness
deep and balanced
a still… silent…pool of energy
feel it in your heart
feel it and start moving and dance
let the heart guide you
the heart will find the way
it will find the way

you do not interfere… just go into dance
just dance totally wherever you are
it knows how to go higher
and life moves in abundance
the higher you go…the higher you go…the higher you go
it finds the balance…it moves into balance…

it cannot go higher when it knows to the right it may fall
it cannot go higher when it knows to the left it may fall
it finds the balance
it finds a way to move in balance and rhythm
and something in you will guide you…

go totally into dance
you will be lost…completely gone
you will not be there to find where you are
when the whole body is in dance…you will disappear

that dance will remain and you will watch the miracle
you have reached the state beyond the mind
you cannot go beyond the mind with the mind
you can go beyond only when you are total and in let go
do not guide it…let it guide you
it knows…it is the master within you

do not try to find the master
the master will find you when you are absent
you move out of the way
you find ways to get lost in anything that you do
it can be swimming…it can be cooking…it can be cleaning the floor
just be totally lost and absorbed in the act so there is no duality in you

just washing the floor… wash the floor totally
just brooming…brooming…you are not there
anything that you do… do it totally
with the totality of your heart and your being
body mind emotion…all oneness…
this totality makes you disappear

body mind emotion…action
this act is coming from such a totality
that nothing is left behind
then you are absent…totally present…
a state of grace flows through you

that is why living in zen… each and every act is meditative
live meditatively and totally
so you disappear within the act
and the moment you disappear
the whole space becomes one with you
the whole power of this universe
you can feel the pulsation
you are not separate from the ocean of life

totality dissolves…makes you one
in harmony with everything that surrounds you
do not think how to raise higher
see how to disappear
do any act totally
any small act…do it totally
i always say that the greatest act is the smallest act
just moving the hand can be so total
and if you cannot be total while moving your hand
what else can you do ?

begin by doing small acts totally
and it will spread as a way of life into your whole form
walking walk…sitting sit…eating eat…
and reduce all that work that you are doing mechanically unconsciously
your action is not total
half of it is complete…half of it is incomplete…that is called misery
any incomplete act is an accumulation of misery
of not having lived the full act
even if you are a simple farmer or a beggar on the road

just do what you are doing totally and there will be contentment
anything…choose anything that you do everyday
watch your simple action…see the source
feel through the heart and simply do it
right or wrong is not the question
just simply follow it
and you will be always right
when you do not follow it…everything is wrong…

source – swami rajneesh ebook “STOP DROP DEAD”

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