Swami Rajneesh on Life and Truth

swami rajneesh:
because you are not allowed to celebrate your life
you are not allowed to accept yourself
you are not allowed to laugh
you are not allowed to live the qualities of your childlike nature
slowly slowly you forget your natural heartbeat
and the laughter within you

you want to find the truth
have a nice laugh…have a nice dance
enjoy just being yourself
take it easy…enjoy breathing
and there is the truth

truth is so simple
lies are complicated
and the world trains you for lies
it teaches you how to become more…
because if you are going to be dancing the whole day
who is going to go to the office ?
the society does not want you to dance
they want workers…people to go to work…to find a job…
to do something for the world
what are you doing here dancing ?

they cripple your inner joy
they are so jealous of people who dance
they will call you mad
this person is mad
must be taking some drugs
no responsibility…nothing serious
no work…no job…
what kind of person are you ?

that is why you cannot find the truth
people like me…jobless…no work…good for nothing
are totally useless !
i am here to remind you to let go of all this rubbish
do not be responsible for anything but your joy
the moment you find your inner ecstasy
you will be sharing it because it is so abundant

everywhere i go
the first thing i try to make people understand is your inner being
it is very simple…that is why you miss it
you do not know how to accept yourself
you do not know how to love yourself and trust your inner being

appreciate your life
see this beautiful life that is pulsing within you
spend time to listen to your heartbeat
you deserve it…you deserve life…

source: swami rajneesh ebook “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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