swami rajneesh on sannyas

question what happens in sannyas ?

swami rajneesh:
nothing happens
all happening comes to a stop
and you are perfect
you are perfect when everything stops
and nothing is meant to happen
sannyas is the end of dreaming

it is the ultimate…beyond the dream and the awakening
sannyas is an awakening to the present totality of your being herenow
everything disappears…nothing happens
and you lose everything !
sannyas is dropping everything that you have
everything that you know
you become totally lost with no care
this body…this mind…this emotion…you set aside
and that state…the buddha within you…receives the ultimate treasure
a remembrance of you is sannyas
you simply remember…aha…i do not need to be
i am
the search ends
nothing happens

she is asking this question
because day after tomorrow few blessed people
who know this mystery of dropping everything
into an weightless sky will receive sannyas

how to grow your wings through this heap of weight and fly
weightless…with no fear ?
you do not need to possess to be
disappear and you possess the whole
you are the whole
no need to grab
no need to hold
the sky is yours
open your hands and you are the sky
simply surrendering into this universe
sannyas is a remembrance
i can speak endlessly on this great miracle…
i call sannyas the miracle of love

this sannyas our beloved master osho has offered
to those blessed people
just a single taste of it and you will not know what it is
you will not know anything
but something within you will ignite
something within you will become light
it is so mysterious
it will enter so deep within you
you will not know what it is
and you need not know what it is

you simply go with the river
and the river will reach the ocean
you have fallen into the river of yes
sannyas is the river of yes to existence
it is a yes to your inner light
it is saying yes…yes…yes…
let it flow…let it flow…let it flow…

and you do not need to bother
when it will reach the ocean
because you are the ocean
you are the eternity
so you are welcome to dive into this river
we have to give it a name…sannyas
but it is pure love
it is not even a search
search means somewhere else
that you are here and you are searching there

you are it
no need to search
you are it !
experience your isness
it is not a search
the great mystery of sannyas is this

you lose everything and you find
you do not need to search and you are
strange is the beauty of this mystery of sannyas
so welcome and experience it

these deep treasures can only be experienced by one who receives
strangely there is no giving no receiving in sannyas
who is there to give you ?
and who is there to receive ?
the moment the mala comes around your neck
both have disappeared
what a mystery
enjoy the mystery !

source: swami rajneesh book “STOP DROP DEAD”

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