swami rajneesh on sharing love and compassion

question: when sharing love and compassion and goodness there are people who try to take advantage… what to do and how can i protect myself ?

swami rajneesh:

love is not yours
love is simply love
compassion is not yours to give
it is simply flowing
share it…let it happen naturally
nobody will take advantage
i am not sharing my love to anybody
i am not sharing any compassion with anybody
i am simply not here
it is happening on its own
that love is not mine
my name is not on it
that this is the love of swami rajneesh
and this is the compassion of swami rajneesh

it is the abundance of nature flowing through me
let them take what they want
nobody is taking advantage of me
i am waiting
come take advantage
existence is flowing its love unaddressed
i am watching its compassion move through this empty space
whosoever wants to take advantage please come
the closer they will come to take advantage of love and compassion
they will fall in love
you can take advantage of them
they cannot take advantage of you

if your love is true
and compassion is naturally flowing around you
nobody can take advantage
they will simply melt and disappear
they can never harm you
they will dissolve and fall at your feet
no harm will come
just share

if somebody comes to take advantage
i give them more
do not be afraid
what will happen if somebody comes ?
let them come…look them in the eyes
and see who wins
love always wins
it may not win immediately but that is the quality of love

it has patience
it can wait
today my love did not work but tomorrow it may
keep pouring love unto the rock
keep pouring love
sooner or later it is going to melt
you simply be patient

let them take advantage
they do not know what trouble is coming
when they take advantage of love
it is not so easy to take advantage of truth
truth is the ultimate
you will have to surrender one day to it
it is just a matter of time
everything surrenders to truth
ultimate victory is of truth
it is never lost…never

never has there been any loss
that is why we are still alive
truth is the ultimate victory
and love and compassion is the way
let them find their home into your heart

Source – Swmai Rajneesh book “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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