swami rajneesh - so much life


swami rajneesh:
unless you find your inner truth
and taste your eternity
even a simple taste is enough
you do not need to search the ultimate truth
i keep saying a simple taste will fulfil you so deeply
that the search disappears
you will find a deep relaxation and acceptance of yourself
until you reach that own inner acceptance of yourself
you will remain divided and frustrated…never at rest
there is no need to search the truth

you can live and love like the people do in los angeles
they live perfectly well
they love everybody
but deep within them something is missing
they know it perfectly well

so much life is available to you
and moving inwards…moving to your inner consciousness
is such a simple knack
why not make the journey ?

you have spent twenty years educating yourself on the outer world
why did you waste your time in school and college ?
you can spend twenty years on the inner journey
something will grow out of it
there is an inner education
there is an inner being
if you can remain ignorant of it
you will suffer

if you wish to suffer and enjoy life loving and sharing
you are free
sometimes people are more happy that way
it is perfectly ok

i always warn people that on the inner journey
you are going to receive more pain…more troubles
more confusion…more difficulties
the inner journey is going to test you at each and every step
and that joy of ignorance is going to disappear
so beware…anyway you have no choice

you know that there is something hidden in you
now even if i tell you it is not…you are still going to search
that is why the buddha knows
that one day somebody is going to kill him or beat him hard !
because they were living their life perfectly ok
nothing was missing till they met the buddha…
now they cannot live their life…their ordinary day to day
they do not know which way to go
a mess…a great mess
so suffer…enjoy the pain

the only way through is to keep dancing and dancing
just dance the pain away
if that does not work buy a bottle of whiskey and drink it !
just get drunk
either way you have to get drunk
drunk with the divine or find some scotch or corona beer !
life is miserable
those moments of ecstasy are so painful
that you want to cry
i do not want this anymore

in fact that is the first experience that happens
the first experience of samadhi
and so much bliss
it is so painful…it is a torture
why am i receiving all this ?
what am i going to do with it ?
how will i live it ?
because after that you have to live it
and a new pain will begin

you have to share it
you have to express it
you have to come out of your shell…meet people

whatever they give you…you accept and you just give them bliss
whatever they say to you…you just give them your love
it is a painful journey
just to be sitting here is another matter
all the lies i have to tell you everyday
everyday i have to tell you lie upon lie upon lie upon lie
because you are being put into a trap
it is the greatest trap and that is of love

understanding your inner being is the ultimate trap
because now you have no more life
you are finished
better to die…find a way quickly to die
there is no other way
what to do ?

he trapped me…i have to trap you
i am not going to die alone !
we have to take a few people with us
why i should suffer alone ?
just enter into this path of truth
why should i walk alone ?

find some more people…let them all suffer
so my suffering becomes less
it is all a trap
i warn you !
you will see…the day you reach…you will become a first rate liar
how to lie to the others…catch them and put them into a greater lie ?
because you cannot know the truth until you die

source: swami rajneesh ebook “dissOLVE in to LOVE”

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