swami rajneesh - state of nomind

swami rajneesh:

silence…a deep stillness…
this innocence state
just silence and stillness…
this is the whole search
how to come to this state within you
this utter silence…the unmoving centre…
the moment you touch it
everything in you becomes complete and fulfilled…

such a simple message
silence and stillness
this state of silence is not dead
but a peaked ecstasy…
of a great inner celebration and dance
and the moment you go higher and higher and higher
you transcend the mind…the body…the emotions
and you move high into the sky to the state of nomind
it is an orgasmic stop
a total stillness where mind simply disappears
this is transcending the mind…

going to that space that is beyond the mind
is a vertical energetic state
it is an energetic transformation
when the energy flows upwards
and goes higher and higher and higher
till you touch the peak
mind simply disappears
and that state of nomind is your ultimate nature

you are at your peak
you are at your maximum
mind has become silent
and that state is your buddha nature

source: swami rajneesh book “STOP DROP DEAD”

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